Surrender to the Fantasy

Magik Markers

Given the scattershot rock of tracks like “Acts of Desperation,” it makes perfect sense that Magik Markers’ biography cross-references the Shaggs and the Stones — although it is worth noting that this is imminently more listenable. That said, Fantasy seems like an utterly disparate collection, as each song varies wildly in both composition and production. Still, this sounds like one group, albeit one content to remain stylistically adventurous and not entirely experimental; nothing here attempts to create something wholly unprecedented. There’s a hazy ’70s feel that permeates the album, perhaps best evidenced by “American Sphinx Face,” which features hypnotic bass and drums, freeform guitar squalor, and spoken-word vocals that seem especially interested in identifying American cultural stereotypes. It’s this listless melancholia that informs the album, perhaps best encapsulated in the line “I don’t know, man.”