Cosmonaught is a collaborative effort manipulated by William Ragland. But unlike his thrash band ALL DEAD, this project ensued with no heavy expectations. Eleven local minds gave their take on a wordless ambient track; the results were unique to their creators. Ragland recorded a majority of the album and, with a manipulative touch, pulled together the ominous record that would be named 2013. As one piece, it comes together like a jagged seam. Neighbor’s Aaron Sortman takes the opening slot with “Fleshworld,” a stinging homage to “Twin Peaks” that rouses a sense of vibrant red. Rayon Prime’s “Death of a Prime,” with its chain-rattling beat, reflects his solo time in progressive house and electro meters. Jonathan Glen Wood splits a weird 10 minutes with Katie Peabody. Unfortunately, this space is too condensed to mention every name and noise tincture.