Drums and Impressions

Deer Meet

There’s a simplistic grace to Drums and Impressions that informs the entirety of the album. Be it in the deft harmonic or tempo transitions, or the subtle production techniques used throughout, Deer Meet offers something that, at first, comes across like a twee-pop, Bends-era Radiohead (albeit with a propensity to include horns, and a singer with a nasally voice). That was until the second song, “Green Ghost,” which had a remarkably Dead Milkman-like vibe (although with any traces of sophomoric humor scrubbed clean). While it is apparent that Deer Meet are content to craft vocal-oriented pop, the manner in which they conduct this can vary drastically from song to song. Where “Green Ghost” bounces along to its horn section’s heavy end, tracks like “Pretty Clothes & Stuff” and “Silent Streak” are strikingly reserved, making for a well-balanced album.