The Brandon Coleman Quartet

Guitarist and recent U of L alumnus Brandon Coleman is joined by Bruno Gafanhoto on drums, Luke McIntosh on bass and Diego Lyra on keyboards, for his first album. All songs are originals, and together they show an original sense of composition; no tried-and-true swing or funk workouts here. Coleman’s clear, ringing tone is a hallmark, from the opening “Rewind” to the closing “Decisions.” “Vast” begins with a two-note piano introduction that leads to dark group exploration, slowly brightening while staying intense. “Deimos/Phobos” stretches out, gently rising to a crescendo, then floats back again. “Geometry” is grounded in drum patterns upon which the solos are built — Gafanhoto’s drumming adds a unique fourth musical voice, not just rhythmic percussion. One occasionally hears Pat Metheny influences, but Coleman uses them as building blocks for his own sound.