Brutality Brochure


No hip-hop act in town — solo, group or otherwise — waves the Wu flag higher than these offshoots of the Grimey Rhyme Regime. Solos D.O.H. and Blitz join up with Grimey’s abbot, Dr. Gonzo, as Psychonautics. With a title like Brutality Brochure, it’s unnecessary to describe the production as “dark.” D.O.H. and Blitz keep the concept balanced, if playing like a ’90s Staten Island throwback filtered through Bret Easton Ellis (these are not bad things). It’s clear Gonzo’s masterful work with Nacirema under the Scanners name was an influence. Though it doesn’t reach those heights, this is a Brochure worth flipping through more than once. Keep ears out for “Audio Atrocities,” featuring Skull Avalanche, who has the next missive from the collective, followed by the nasty “Mouths of Madness,” with CJ Prof and Polio.