Beyond the Sambatyon

Lost Tribe

Lost Tribe carries on the klezmer tradition, their name borrowed from the Hebrew legend of the 10 Lost Tribes, exiled from Israel to beyond the raging Sambatyon River. Every Shabbat, the river magically recedes on the one day when Jews cannot travel. LT celebrates the influence of this culture on Beyond, with 16 traditional covers and one original tune, "Marci’s Waltz.." It’s a full acoustic set, always kept in line by Carol Savkovich’s staple concertina and the spirited vocals of Fran Weinstock. “Vu Bistu Geven” is the most exciting of their covers between the many instrumental breaks. Some of their best don’t need words; “Der Heyser Bulgar," a traditional "hot Bulgarian dance," jams on playful clarinet and violin interactions. Beyond pulls beloved folk songs from the books and tributes them with fresh liveliness.