Let’s Be Still

The Head and the Heart

The sunny days are waning and the cold, harsh winter approaches. But upon pressing play on Let’s Be Still, a warmth spreads through the blood. Something familiar and beautiful ruminates from these songs. A mixture of heartfelt balladry (“Josh McBride,” “These Days are Numbered”), Americana-flavored pop (“Shake,” the catchy first single) and the slow-building pieces of soul the band perfected on its 2011 self-titled debut, Still adds 13 new thoughtful, melodic gems to their catalog. A short, fluttering interlude called “Springtime” floats right into “Summertime,” an album highlight showcasing the ever-powerful, soaring vocals of Charity Rose Thielen and a funky, chugging beat. No song here is the same, but all share a common thread. Let’s Be Still is a display of what six incredible musicians can do when their hearts beat for earnest, gripping songcraft.