Inbox — Oct. 23, 2013

Letters to the Editor

Shame on Them
I read the morning-after pill article in your Oct. 9 issue and felt compelled to write. I decided to check the information in the article and did a Google search on “emergency contraception in louisville ky” and, indeed, the No. 2 search item was A Woman’s Choice’s website. I have no idea who these people paid off at Google to get that sweet spot, but they should be ashamed of themselves.

I am confident that any woman driven to the conscious decision of having an abortion has already gone over the rhetoric that A Woman’s Choice espouses more than any person should ever have to. I do not think that any person or young couple planning an abortion needs to read that they are potential baby killers.

As an aside, I am a Buddhist (aka “a godless heathen” in most of the Louisville area), and no one holds the sanctity of life more than I do, and yet I also recognize and respect that the rest of the population doesn’t follow my particular religious leanings. I am all right with that, and I really don’t need to convert the entire world in order to shore up and validate my irrational and insecure beliefs in what I think happens to me after I die.
Kevin Potts, Jeffersonville

Improv Love
Another LEO Readers’ Choice Awards came and another year passed that the LEO neglected to remember Louisville’s improv comedy scene. Best Improv Troupe was still not a category, though it keeps showing up as a winner in the Best Category We Forgot. Louisville has a vibrant scene that just keeps getting neglected by the press. Rarely do we see a real article on any team besides the Louisville Improvisors’ Improvapalooza annual article.

Did you know there are eight troupes in town? Damaged Goods (the best, in my opinion), Louisville Improvisors, Project Improv, Improv Anonymous, Prime Time Players, Derby City Dating Scene, Currently Out of Order (St. Francis High School troupe) and the upcoming team, Detox Poncho. Where’s the love? I don’t do improv myself, but I love going to these.

There is an improv show at The Bard’s Town almost every week. Damaged Goods has been to three improv festivals this year and is touring to other cities (hardest-working team in town, if you ask me). But all these teams are busting their butts to create a fantastic improv scene that is desperately needed in Louisville. Support local improv! Do a story on the scene itself and you’ll see how awesome it is.
Jeff Woods, Old Louisville

Editor’s Note: We cover the comedy and improv scene extensively in these pages when space allows. For an example, see page 29.

Halting Progress
To the dozen or so patriots who spent last Friday evening waving Old Glory while dangling over the edge of the I-64 Pee Wee Reese overpass: You are to be commended for your success in grinding traffic to a near halt from I-265 to Spaghetti Junction. Your solidarity with the big-rig truckers’ failed attempt to make a mess of things in D.C. last weekend scored its biggest victory several miles down the road. At the westbound Hurstbourne Lane exit, a Shelby County EMS vehicle, blue lights flashing and sirens wailing, stood mired in the ideological argument you created. No doubt it was some entitled elderly person, flush with Medicare, traveling in style to a big-city hospital that is unable to keep its doors open without federal swag, staffed by doctors and nurses grifting their fancy degrees with federal student loans, half-assedly curing diseases researched ineffectually by socialist, non-essential government agencies like the CDC and the NIH.

The scene you created perfectly reflects our nation’s current situation and mirrors similar crises facing vulnerable citizens affected by GOP brinksmanship: a helpless person, sick, scared and immobilized by a handful of zealots who so despise their corrupted vision of the American government that they would rather shut it down than learn how it works.
Brian Smith, Germantown