Inbox — Oct. 2, 2013

Letters to the Editor

Bold and Brave
I just want to commend Theresa Flores for speaking out against sex trafficking in this city (LEO Weekly, Sept. 18). It’s pretty bold of her — when asked “What can we do on an individual level?” — to suggest talking to your principal and having a discussion on pornography and the things that support sex trafficking. I have not heard such a bold statement, but it is also so simple. The way the sex slaves are viewed is vital to how we can combat the issue: by getting to the root of the problem. We can only hope she can continue to silence the haters by seeing this evil diminish in her day. Eradication? Maybe not. But we can keep doing our part.
Althea Tangco, Los Angeles to Louisville

Chickens Are Omnivores
Heather Moore from PETA has written in to LEO (Inbox, Sept. 25) attempting to make people feel guilty about eating chickens, saying that they are much like us in many ways.

Well, I’ll tell you what, Heather Moore. Chickens are like us in a way you forgot to mention: They are omnivores. Look it up if you doubt me. So here’s the deal I offer you: When chickens in the wild voluntarily give up eating lizards and cute fluffy little mice, I’ll become a vegan, too.

There are legitimate concerns about how animals raised for food are sometimes kept, and there should be a discussion about the appropriate regulations for agriculture in that area. However, I can’t feel sorry about eating chickens that are, just like me, omnivores.
Rich Mills, Shawnee

National Chicken Hawk Day
The letter in the Sept. 25 LEO Weekly about National Chicken Month reminded me of a commemorative day with a similar name — National Chicken Hawk Day on May 28. This is a special day for remembering the bravado of old politicians and talking-heads who are aggressively outspoken war hawks today notwithstanding the exemptions they obtained for themselves back in the days of the draft. They include Dick Cheney, Newt Gingrich, Tom Delay, Karl Rove, Mitt Romney, Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilly and Lee Greenwood. Some would also count Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush, because they pulled stateside duty during war. This is not be confused with ordinary draft dodgers like Bill Clinton and Howard Dean, who refrained from war mania in their later years. Maybe a little humility in a politician is a good thing. You might be wondering who would be the most famous chicken hawks in Kentucky. That’s former Sen. Jim Bunning and Sen. Mitch McConnell.
Tom Louderback, Highlands

Fear of Obamacare
It is about time the Obama Administration has started to fight for and explain the Affordable Care Act. Republicans are spending tons of money on advertising to defeat Obamacare. Just saying over and over ad nauseam it is bad for America is not true, not very convincing.

Republicans are the main cause of Congressional gridlock. Their refusal to compromise and work for the common good of all Americans is selfish and immoral. How can anyone in good conscience oppose health-care coverage for everybody? No one who is uninsured should have to declare bankruptcy when stricken with a catastrophic illness or disease.

I am a senior citizen on Medicare. I like Medicare and believe Obamacare is good for America. Once Obamacare is fully implemented, people will like it. That is what Republicans fear the most.
Paul L. Whiteley Sr., St. Matthews