Julie of the Wolves

Julie of the Wolves know exactly what they’re doing. With their debut album, Create/Destroy, they prove their competence and then some by creating energetic indie rock that somehow manages to sound simultaneously tensely coiled and comfortably relaxed. This illusion is predicated on the skill of the performers in seamless shifts between loud and quiet, pensive moments of clarity and agitated instances of ecstatic outburst. What C/D does most ably is play on its constituent members’ strengths in a way that allows the project to transcend the sum of its parts. The anthemic build of “Birdsong” shifts mid-stream to a call-and-response vocal breakdown, which deemphasizes the earlier dramatics in favor of a sleeker, pop-inflected transition. Closer “S.Y.L.M.F.” ably encapsulates the band’s predilection for tightly constructed compositions that rely as much on harmony as they do on riffage.