Movin’ On

The Big Diggity

Seven years between records in this town is an eternity, but it’s not as though Mauriece Hamilton has stayed dormant. Writing, producing and playing for countless other acts, Hamilton’s been able to take his time with this labor of love. The first Diggity album, Dig In, was a favorite, so it was difficult to check expectations. As a package, Movin’ On comes off a bit too kitchen sink to be cohesive. The rap-based tracks are largely forgettable, good ideas and strong voice still more dated than compelling, and we’ll ignore the auto-tune of “Every Night.” The record comes to life via the R&B songs. “Supastar (I…I…I…)” is just excellent, and the title cut drinks from the same well as the great Tommy Sims, bridging soul and pop flawlessly. It’s a mixed bag, but there is brilliance here.