Lucid Happenings


With every year, littledidweknow has improved and matured. After years of gestation, they’ve finally given us a frenzied debut. littledidweknow has never been comfortable in one box; their sound is a hodge-podge of many eclectic metal influences. Lucid Happenings, then, comes as no surprise in being hard to categorize, featuring songs that constantly shift from complex stop-start rhythms to slower breakdowns while always twisting into new sections. The demented powerhouse vocals of William Sullivan add several more dimensions of insanity to the horror found here. The effect of listening to this is akin to being tossed around inside an unforgiving tornado. littledidweknow have crafted an intricate debut in Lucid Happenings, an effort that overwhelmingly rises above local scene ambitions. This is the work of individuals with a determined vision: disturbing, potentially, but nonetheless original and powerful.