Inbox — Sept. 25, 2013

Letters to the Editor

Exposing Art
Attn: Jo Anne Triplett: Thank you for writing a piece about the Mellwood Arts & Entertainment Center ( I wish more stories were written to expose how the so-called “arts center” treats artists and harasses tenants. What they did to Billy Twymon is mild compared to how they have threatened and treated other tenants, including me. Again, thank you and great article.
Tonya Smith, Highlands

Pipeline Truth
When did it become acceptable to say whatever you need to get your way? At one time there was something we all valued more than money, more than jobs, and it was a little thing called the truth. When I listen to these Bluegrass Pipeline companies, I get so upset because it seems they have no qualms about stretching the truth. In fact, many of the things they’ve said have been outright lies. I often wonder how they can sleep at night.

Let’s take a look at these lies: 1) Energy independence. This pipeline has absolutely nothing to do with energy. NGLs are mostly used to make plastics, and they have no intention of keeping the bulk of that product in the U.S. 2) Jobs for Kentuckians. They talk about creating jobs for us here in Kentucky in one breath and then spout how they will be supporting the local economy when their workers stay in local hotels. If the workers live here, why do they need hotels? 3) They are good neighbors. If my neighbors were sneaking around on my property and surveying without permission, like many properties have been, there would be a feud started in no time. 4) Their top priority is safety. Their top priority is money, and all it takes is one look at the safety record of Williams Company.

Let’s be real, I know a lot of people are hurting for jobs, but don’t let our desperation lead us to some irreversible disaster, ruin our water supply, damage our farmlands and lower our property values — especially not for the few and temporary jobs this project would create here at home. Please take a look at the facts and call your state representatives to say we don’t want any NGL pipelines, and corporations should not get eminent domain to carry toxic liquids through our state for the benefit of their pockets.
Cara Cooper, KY Student Environmental Coalition, Lexington

Action or Inaction?
In the Sept. 18 Inbox, Ken Nevitt suggests that our representatives, before voting to attack the Syrian government, ask themselves how many civilian deaths would be caused by our bombing. That question is asked by many people in the government. But there is already a war happening in Syria, and innocents already die there every day. So another question to ask is whether our bombs might have saved some people, whether the war might have been shortened, or whether attaching a cost to Assad’s use of chemical weapons might have reduced the war’s severity enough to save more innocent people than we would have killed despite our attempts not to do so.

It is true that there are costs to military actions, but there are also costs to inaction. I think both are worth considering.
Rich Mills, Shawnee

National Chicken Month
September is National Chicken Month. You may not realize this, but chickens are like us in many ways. They have complex social structures, adept communication skills and distinct personalities, just as we do. They, too, feel pain, sadness, joy and love.Chickens form strong family ties and mourn when they lose a loved one. When they’re not confined to factory farms, hens lovingly tend to their eggs and “talk” to their unborn chicks, who chirp back. Chickens have at least 24 distinct vocalizations, so other birds know when they’re warning them about a predator or just saying “hey.” Studies show that these smart birds can anticipate the future and demonstrate self-control.

It’s time we appreciate these smart, social birds for their personalities, not the taste of their flesh. But if you like the taste of chicken, I recommend Beyond Meat, which is available at Whole Foods. Gardein, Boca, Morningstar Farms and other vegetarian-friendly companies also make great-tasting faux chicken and other vegan foods. See for info and vegan recipes.
Heather Moore, PETA Foundation