Inbox — Aug. 7, 2013

Letters to the Editor

Bravo, Catherine!
Catherine Irwin’s July 24 column needs to be printed in every newspaper in America! What a great piece of writing. No, let me rephrase, what a great piece of truth! When will we wake up, people? I agree with Catherine that racism is passed down from FUWP (fucked-up white people, i.e. Fox News) from generation to generation much the same way as FUWP arrogance, FUWP superiority, FUWP stupidity … you get the idea. Racism is alive and showing its ugly head in dangerous laws such as “stand your ground.” Racism is alive and spewing forth in the gutting of the Voting Rights Act (Catherine used the word “gutting,” I had to also).

Trayvon Martin’s life was sacrificed so America will know about and pay attention to the FUWP making and enforcing racist laws. BTW, how did Rick Scott (yeah, the same Rick Scott known in these parts) get to be someone with that much power? How in the hell did that happen? These FUWP are dangerous with their damaged souls of hate. I am convinced that hate is nurtured, not nature. This hate is passed on at the dinner table like a plate of mashed potatoes. So, yes, nature will take care of FUWP. Our children and grandchildren, I pray, will enjoy a peaceful and just world.
Lisa Shepherd, Clarksville

A Jones Stereotype
I was humbled and humored upon realizing I was that “religious fellow” who was subjected to profiling in Ricky L. Jones’ July 24 column. For him to develop such an incisive embellishment of me as a stinky, self-righteous, narrow-minded, irrational and hypocritical religious guy — all on the basis of one brief Inbox letter — is a tribute to Jones’ extraordinary ability to profile and stereotype.

Jones has grouped me in with some lofty religious company. Obama and his family are churchgoers. Other obvious religious fellows of mine are the Rev. Jesse Jackson, the Rev. Al Sharpton, Father Giles Conwill and the bulk of the NAACP’s membership. Now I’m also connected to the Muslim Brotherhood, who take gargantuan offense at the slightest of insults about their religion and whose grudges often come to a capital conclusion. Jones demonstrates that profiling can be a self-help tool for someone, such as me, who is striving for progressive nirvana. To show my gratitude, I’ve rummaged through my Perfesser Ricky Dossier with the goal of opening Jones’ mind, just as he opened mine. An EWTN broadcast distracted me as I hacked away at this piece of profiling. So forgive me for the stereotypes.

Here goes … Jones, you’re trapped in a statistical funk. You’re infallible in your own mind. You’re in the top 1 percentile of the Perfect Progressive Intellectuals whose condescending stench permeates academia, the media and the Obama Administration. Your ego is listed in the “Guinness Book of World Records.” You’re incapable of discerning the differences between stand-your-ground and self-defense. You exhibit an immature infatuation with the hip-hop culture.

You’re an Archie Bunker clone. You and George Zimmerman are profiling soulmates. Treatment for your hyperactive hypocrisy gland has been futile. Since you avoid the righteous counsel of holy guys such as me, the Rev. Jackson and the Rev. Sharpton, you’ll cringe at the following advice: A regimen of H.E.D.s (Humility Enhancing Drugs) will transform you into a pleasant human being and a credible newspaper columnist. Having a mental stent placed in your brain will open your constricted mind, helping move you beyond Pharaoh, Jim Crow, Paula Dean, Karl Rove and the Confederacy.
Roy Horner, La Grange

Home Run
Thoroughly enjoyed Bill Doolittle’s profile of Bob Ramsey (LEO Weekly, July 31). Bob is a man of many talents with a very unique and quirky approach to his work. On more than one occasion he scored soundtracks for videos I produced, and in every case, his work was over-the-top. At the time he worked out of his basement, often in a pair of pajamas, and was always patient and willing to tackle some unreasonable jobs with very little budget.

Suffice it to say I am a big fan and am glad to hear he is still going strong. Is he still playing “Three Blind Mice” when the ump makes a questionable call?
John Kasey, Highlands