Endless Fantasy


Imagine a pillowcase full of sand, within which some cruel individual has hidden more than a few Jolly Ranchers and Tootsie Rolls. Listening to Anamanaguchi’s sprawling Endless Fantasy is a lot like digging through that sandbag in search of those sweet treats — you know they’re in there, but finding them might be more work than they’re worth. The band’s four-on-the-floor, pop-punk-via-chiptune formula yields a couple of catchy songs across the album’s staggering 22 tracks, but cut the 77-minute runtime in half and you’ll still crash from the sugar high before it’s over. Anamanaguchi’s music should appeal to a certain variety of nerd who worships vintage Megaman cartridges and shamelessly displays anime soundtracks on his shelf. If you’re looking for something to replace that worn-out DDR compilation in your car stereo, you might consider Endless Fantasy.