Desire Lines

Camera Obscura

Desire Lines, Camera Obscura’s second release on 4AD, hooks with a commencing orchestration that ardently captures the thematically elegant nature of each track’s composition. Splitting from her pitch-perfect approach (as heard on forerunner My Maudlin Career), frontwoman Tracyanne Campbell casts a refined vocal range across the sonic beatitude of Desire Lines’ mix, an adjustment that renders the four-year harbinger of anticipation as more than appropriate for close listeners. Camera Obscura maintain their lush ballroom semblance but reinforce any overt simplicity with euphonic backing vocals and a string section, the former of which features contributions from The New Pornographers’ Neko Case and Louisvillian Jim James of My Morning Jacket. With no better use for these catchy, idea-dense song structures, why not skip a few courses and indulge in the sweet kind of heartbreak? Dessert is on Desire Lines.