Among the Grey

Cheyenne Mize

For locally based Cheyenne Mize, her travels with music over the past decade are starting to pay off. The multi-instrumentalist’s second solo full-length (with a solid backing band secured) brings her many skills, styles and influences together into a cohesive, absorbing piece that demands attention be paid to the numerous and varied textural details that elevate and gently nudge her moody songs along. Extra percussion, horns and vocal effects weave in and out, wisely adding layers without overpowering the songs. It’s more of a fall or winter mood, as the title might indicate, so perhaps a summer release was wise, as word-of-mouth should earn this album a larger audience as the year goes on. Having played bluegrass, classical, folk and rock with others, in addition to recurring in Bonnie “Prince” Billy’s band, Mize has found her voice.