Sister Faith


Coliseum has never ceased their sonic explorations, a characteristic that has led them somewhere new on each record. Today, Coliseum find themselves in a volatile and mournful state, yet still conjure raucous hardcore-fried punk that oozes with a driving ’90s indie-rock influence. This graceful amalgamation of styles imbues tracks like “Everything in Glass” and “Doing Time” with a defiant rock ’n’ roll swagger. Beyond their ability to kick ass, their softer, contemplative side shines through in the introspective lyrics of Ryan Patterson, delivered in his signature gruff howl, giving a deep, poetic picture of the passion that has driven them for so long. Sister Faith is a reflection as a much as a celebration, honoring Louisville’s fallen Jason Noble while also being a continuation of their hard-working ethos put to record with the help of friends.