Sing to the Moon

Laura Mvula

The UK chanteuse could not be more confident and assured on her beautiful debut. With cosigns from the influential Gilles Peterson on that side of the ocean and KCRW on this, Sing focuses on timeless production from Steve Brown rather than trend-chasing or radio seduction. Outside of the foot-stomping singles “Green Garden” and “That’s Alright,” the album largely eschews thoughts toward singles. Instead, we are treated to the hypnotizing “Can’t Live with the World,” all string and harp and lovelorn vocals, and the delicate “She.” Mvula is aware of her voice’s abilities in a way few moderns singer are; she stacks, layers and harmonizes with herself effortlessly. Whether these songs will attract a large enough audience to favor us with more seems like a long shot, so we’ll just treasure this collection and hope for more.