Alice Smith

Few promising careers have been as mismanaged as Alice Smith’s. The eclectic singer released the excellent For Lovers, Dreamers, & Me on the independent BBE label to heavy buzz, only to be gobbled up weeks later by Sony, who pulled the record from shelves for a months-too-late reissue, thoroughly confusing a marketplace and stymieing her exposure before it had a chance to start. Creative differences led to an eternity before this, her second, now on Citizen Cope’s Rainwater label. The wait has been forgotten, as She is a worthy follow-up, albeit tardy, with the retro flavor of first single “Cabaret” to a cover of Cee-Lo’s “Fool For You.” It’s also great to see the six co-writes from the unheralded singer-songwriter Rebecca Jordan. She may finally be on her way to breaking out.