A lethargic malaise runs throughout the sixth album from Atlanta indie-rockers Deerhunter, as if the band is intentionally channeling the best of the ’90s slacker/grunge generation. Tracks like “Leather Jacket II” almost have the energy of contemporaries Women, albeit as filtered through the reverb-soaked Americana that accounts for the majority of the album. Deerhunter certainly mixes it up, though, transitioning between the guitar and synth sounds found on “Blue Agent,” in turn creating a particularly naturalistic style and giving the album an organic feel. Monomania’s melody, with its proclivity toward sonic oddity, is indicative of the dual talents Deerhunter bring to the table. From the epic punk-rock squalor of “Monomania” to the melancholy, surf-inflected pop of “Sleepwalking,” Deerhunter create an album that pays homage to their influences without sounding derivative.