Mind Revolution

L.M.H. (Louisville Men of Honor)

I can’t figure out if L.M.H. sampled Rush Limbaugh, Alex Jones or Ed Schultz, as they all kind of sound like McGruff the Crime Dog. All three make my head hurt, and that someone made a conspiracy-rap album in 2013 sampling this nonsensical rant as a cosign to their nonsensical raps makes listening to Taylor Swift’s bubblegum popping that much more appealing. Look, I listened to more than my share of tin-foil rap at 17. To see evidence of a world beyond the surface was shattering. But then, those guys were good writers, implausible as their words were. This Revolution has but one good battle in it, the Native G solo “It’s Been a Minute,” a conversation within a song set atop an effective Riperton sample, showing promise once their sights narrow to the world-at-hand.