Life Is Too Short to Not Hold a Grudge

Good For You

Legendary Black Flag guitarist Greg Ginn joins iconic skateboarding frontman Mike Vallely for Good For You, a project that supposes to be energetic and vibrant. Life … marks the second time the two have collaborated, the first being the 2003 Black Flag reunion show. This pairing is blatantly evident as Vallely cuts his finest Rollins impersonation, channeling equally the angry screed of the youthful Rollins with the slow drawl of the older. Ginn’s guitar work remains as superlative as ever, pulling off a bluesy, Duane Dennison/Rowland Howard-esque sound on tracks like “Free” or “Knife in the Face,” while simultaneously focusing on the lean and muscular guitar work that defined his career. The production is clean and polished, which may be an obstacle for anyone weaned on the raw sound of Ginn’s older work, but the same punk attitude pervades.