Jeet Kune D.O.H.

D.O.H. (Dollaz Ova Hoez)

Largely self-produced, Jeet Kune D.O.H. finds the Grimey Rhyme master at arms embracing Bruce Lee’s philosophy over its 16 tracks. The idea of Jeet Kune Do is to maximize results with a minimum of movement (think “one-inch punch”) using straightforward, non-classical techniques. D.O.H.’s unique ear for samples is quick proof of his devotion. “Pale By Comparison” opens with a capture of Lee’s Kato explaining his philosophy. The disjointed loops of what sounds like a nature show’s theme music and a Premier-style vocal chop shouldn’t work, yet somehow it holds together. I don’t think the album’s great. The production ideas are creative, and D.O.H. continues to improve album by album, though he’s still not ready for prime time and gets lyrically outshined by his cohorts. Further study of Lee’s “Be Water” belief is needed.