Inbox — April 24, 2013

Letters to the Editor

Finding Complexity
The April 3 cover story concerning the hidden and growing epidemic of genetically modified foods motivated me to learn more about the spider web of issues that expand from this international issue. My A.P. Literature teacher Mr. Metzger would be proud of the LEO editing staff, as he can often be heard saying to his students, “Find the complexity.” If LEO can continue to produce educational articles that investigate the honest and unbiased nature of our world’s most pressing problems, you and all of LEO’s readers can be proud of your weekly work. Also, go Cards!
Alex Haydon, Highlands

Paul at Howard?
You have to give Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul credit for going to Howard University to speak to students. But Paul is delusional if he thinks he and the Republican Party have a message and policies that meet the needs of our country’s African-American community.

The Republican Party of Abraham Lincoln’s time was the anti-slavery party, but does Paul really believe Abraham Lincoln, a uniter, would be a Republican in today’s divisive political environment?

It is no surprise African-Americans vote overwhelmingly for Democrats in presidential elections. Republicans are for cutting social programs that benefit many African-Americans in need and many poor people from all racial backgrounds. Sen. Paul and his Republican confederates in the House and Senate are doing everything they can to obstruct our first African-American president’s proposals. That doesn’t go unnoticed by discerning voters.

The Republican Party is wasting its time in trying to woo black votes if it doesn’t change its tired, out-of-touch social and economic policies. The GOP has a lot of work to do to overcome the negative 47-percent comment made by Mitt Romney in 2012.

Howard University students know their history better than Sen. Rand Paul and most Republican politicians. The students are too smart to be bamboozled.
Paul L. Whiteley Sr., St. Matthews

On Boston
This is hard to witness, especially with the constant repeating of the Boston bombing video and the lack of substantive information. I thought of the frequent bombings around the world in addition to the physical terror of those in Boston. We are all now threatened by such acts. The hate of a few, and/or the hate of many, is seen here, and even in our wars and other forms of violence. I am sad for us all but more so the physical victims who will also have other mental, psychological and spiritual damages.
Don Pratt, Lexington

Ring of Dollars
Abolitionist Frances Ellen Watkins once said, “Such a sight (of slavery) should send a thrill of horror through the nerves of civilization and impel the heart of humanity to lofty deeds. So it might, if men had not found out a fearful alchemy by which this blood can be transformed into gold. Instead of listening to the cry of agony, they listen to the ring of dollars and stoop down to pick up the coin.”

Have we become deaf to our children’s cries or blind to their mutilated bodies? Do we only hear “the ring of dollars” over the noise of the NRA and the gun lobbyists and “stoop down to pick up the coin”?
Rodney Smithey, Clarksville