See You in the Funny Pages

Animal City

Providing a lyrical manifesto of both slurred and atonal confessions, along with catchy inklings of I’m-a-loser-baby melodies, See You in the Funny Pages is a model of four Chicagoans who are willing to entertain the use of musical assortment through both electronic and organic mediums. After sneaking the cracking sound of after-dinner wishbones into the repertoire (along with an unknown voice saying “I love you” in random tracks), the listener should be cognizant of the cut-and-paste method that Animal City use to create a sonic collage that plays off of six-string groundwork. Moreover, the vocal track embodies a vigor that’s essential to the album’s flow. See You in the Funny Pages ultimately makes no mistake in dispatching elements of indie material that would likely appeal to lo-fi guys and home-recording aficionados alike.