Like a Rose

Ashley Monroe

When I think of country outlaws, roughneck rebels like Hank III or Townes Van Zandt come to mind — guys who refuse to bend to conservative, squeaky-clean Nashville. What I don’t think of is a dainty, cute blonde with a sweet Southern twang like Ashley Monroe. Watch out, Taylor Swift — Monroe doesn’t mess around. A member in trio Pistol Annies, with fellow country badass Miranda Lambert, Rose is Monroe’s second full-length solo album. But don’t be fooled by that fragrant title; a few tracks into the mix, Monroe reveals she prefers “Weed Instead of Roses,” and in “Two Weeks Late,” she reiterates, I know the Bible says you’re supposed to wait, but I’m a dollar short and two weeks late. Fans of country with a little sass (and maybe a fifth of bourbon) will certainly enjoy this.