Inbox — Feb. 6, 2013

Letters to the editor

Paradise Exposed

Commendations need to be awarded for Steve Shaw’s “The dark side of paradise” (LEO Weekly, Jan. 23). The article — using just one example — further dispelled the notion of Louisville as the culinary utopia many believe. From the outside, all local restaurants offer an appealing diversion, perhaps a mystical journey, just awaiting the most austere critic, a couple out on the town, and the hungry public at large. From the inside, the work is anything but glamorous.

Servers are in the middle of bad news at every turn. Quick cash obtained on the short run does not lead to a pass enabling an exit from the working poor. At stake: instant or questionable policy changes (the case at Lynn’s), a temperamental public, “mystery shoppers” (Do we really need these people?) who can easily end a job for a server on their bad night, irate floor managers, and/or desperate owners.

The perplexing case at Lynn’s Paradise Cafe apparently was best solved by closing the restaurant. Arguably only one of its type, it will be missed. However, the former staff should weigh in on the rest, if they are so inclined.

Lance Crady, Clifton

Obama Bias

In the Jan. 23 What a Week, you say Obama stood next to his gorgeous family while McConnell sat stonefaced plotting his next dick move. Hmm, just a little bias, wouldn’t you say? No? I didn’t think you would. Let’s watch and see how much St. Barack accomplishes in the next four years. His track record is not very impressive.

Tom Hoehler, Jeffersontown

Fire Away

This is in response to Mark D. Milby in last week’s Inbox section. I almost agree with you except some of these people have no fear — wasn’t it the Columbine kids who had a shootout with the cops? Your proposed 1 and 2 are out the window. Sometimes people are just neurotic or mentally unstable or have other deep systematic issues. We are a result of our environment, after all. I can say as far as the recent shooting — the guy probably had some pent-up rage and dealt with it the wrong way. In a way, it can’t be as simple as you explain. Number 3: Christianity and Catholicism may be two of the biggest religions, especially when talking of God. What you propose could be disrespectful to other religions, ya think? Not everyone believes in God or heaven and hell. We don’t know these people’s religions.

Times are different than they were because time changes. Things are more advanced, there are different mindsets and additional views. Prior to 1960, things were swept under the rug, kept in the household, bottled up till you had a brain aneurism. We speak our mind now. Some people have no way to vent. I know I don’t always have a confidant. I will not discredit your beliefs; it’s just religion is not always the answer to these things. If you think the ACLU has conspired to do that, then good. I don’t think the First Amendment has to do with murder as much as it does yelling fire in a public place. Since I know you’ll want to prove your religious point as well, here’s some ammo: I’m an atheist trying to go pagan, there is life after death with them and something like hell. Shoot away.

Jax Rhapsody, Downtown

Love of Guns

I still believe “love of money is the root of all evil.” Directly and indirectly, greed plays a big role in how and why so much deadly gun violence occurs in our country, possibly one of the most violent nations in history. Weapons of mass destruction made in America have been sold and distributed all over the world.

The fear-spreading National Rifle Association loves political power; gun manufacturers and gun sellers love the NRA. Money is power. Now is the time for we the people to tell the NRA and gun merchants to stop their propaganda and the buying of politicians. Sensible gun control does not limit my freedoms one bit. It actually makes me feel more secure, less fearful.

Paul L. Whiteley Sr., St. Matthews