Spaghetti metal

Wild West metal band Stagecoach Inferno recently released an EP and is already planning their follow-up. LEO asked guitarist Brennan Ray to explain their unique perspective.

LEO: You have some seriously awesome song titles. Where does the inspiration come from?

Brennan Ray: Thanks! I guess, first, it should be explained that we’re a concept band. All of our songs are specifically about the Wild West, so Spaghetti Westerns and history books are our usual first two places to look for inspiration.


All but one of the songs on our new EP, Hell on Hooves, are going to be on our yet-untitled full-length concept record. It’s a Wild West fantasy tale following an unnamed hero who starts having wild, violent premonitions about his local priest, and the backlash that ensues after he reveals those premonitions. “Black Blizzard,” for example, is told through the eyes of the hero’s wife, when a violent sandstorm is magically sent to their homestead by the evil priest. “Ol’ Soulbelcher” is a song about a gunfight between the hero and a bounty hunter aboard a cursed train of the same name.

We’ve started writing for our second full-length as well. My twin brother and lead singer, Logan, really wants to do a record about the strange-but-true tales of the American West. It’s going to be a serious undertaking with this one, as I have every intention of having all of my facts straight. I’m talking with historians, Wild West museums, etc., to make sure that all of our true tales are just that.

I’m the better way through writing a song about The Battle of Little Bighorn, as told through the eyes of Crazy Horse’s men. I’m also in the research stage for songs about two of the most badass mountain men to ever live, Capt. Jonathan R. Davis and Hugh Glass, as well as songs about the great 1849 California Gold Rush, the soiled doves/painted ladies/whores of the Wild West, the untold stories of the Chinese population, the westward expansion of the railroad, and others.

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