We Wear White

E.D. Sedgwick

E.D. Sedgwick’s We Wear White manages to critique the current state of music and the boring homogeny that results from gentrification, consumerism and nostalgia for bygone eras in a way that is urgent, funny and smart. Musically, this is an upbeat rock ’n’ roll album chock full of grooves and dirty guitar parts that veer on the bluesy side, supported by a heavy, driving rhythmic foundation. Things slow down a bit on a couple tracks (“Rockin’ the Boat,” title track “We Wear White”) and occasionally get experimental (“Weathermen”). Lead singer Justin Moyer spits out his lyrics in shouts while secondary singer JosaFeen Wells delivers smooth baritone parts with a controlled vibrato. Harmonies, hooks, and calls and responses abound. White is an entertaining album that will require multiple listens and might inspire you to be a bit bolder.