Sailing Stones

Kirk Kiefer

Kirk Kiefer has played in a bunch of bands around Louisville, including the recently retired dust-kickers Yardsale, and the Health and Happiness Family Gospel Band, an all-star collective of old-timey lovers. Now he steps out with a solo statement more in debt to Big Star than the Stones. Aided by pros like Joan Shelley, Todd Hildreth and members of the 23 String Band, Kiefer sounds confident and happy romping through power-pop should-be-hits like “Calling Home” and “Like a Black Hole” like the Cheap Trick ’70s are only starting to bleed into the college rock ’80s, twang lessened somewhat. Horns perk up here and there, adding a New Orleansian flavor to selections like “Lust From Afar,” whose subject material might indicate that it is truly for contemporary adults — a world away from today’s Top 40, sadly.