With three albums of unorthodox rock under their belts, Tomahawk (vocalist Mike Patton, guitarist Duane Denison, bassist Trevor Dunn and drummer John Stanier) let Oddfellows expand upon their group chemistry, while each contribute elements of their distinct styles. It makes for a creative album that hijacks rock ’n’ roll and infuses it with that extra something special. The economical way Tomahawk doles out a number of different sounds is impressive, starting with opener “Oddfellows” lurching to a head-bobbing math-rock groove. Then comes the infectious hard-rock flirtations of “Stone Letter” and its twin, “White Hats/Black Hats.” A recurring obsession with channeling California-era Mr. Bungle appears prominently on “Rise Up Dirty Waters,” with its deranged crooning, and “I.O.U,” cloaked in a cinematic-pop tone. Rock isn’t dead, it just took to the underground and went a slightly weirder route.