Love Out Loud

Anthony David

Anthony David’s career was cemented when the Obamas publicly lauded his major label debut, Acey Duecy. He promptly returned to the indies and has been releasing an overwhelming amount of music since, including three 2011 projects. This can be a gift and curse, however, as quality control can take a hit. Love Out Loud is the latest, and it’s largely satisfying with only a couple cringe-worthy moments (the adlibs in “Control Freak,” the awful reggae tinge on “Livin It Up”). The media creation and demise of “neo-soul” was hard on a lot of otherwise talented singers, though it’s good seeing a vibrant independent scene rise from its ashes. Pay attention to “Official,” with regular duet partner Algebra Blessett, another voice that should be praised more. “A Way For Me” closes out with a live band and energy to spare.