Inbox — Dec. 12, 2012

Letters to the Editor

Welp, I’m a Fan

Dear Jim Welp,

Prairie voles! Funnier and funnier every time.

With profound gratitude,
Joanie Olin, Highlands

No Local Vino?

I am an avid reader of LEO and love what you all do. As a Louisville native, I love supporting local business, and I was truly appalled to go to Bardstown Road the other evening, the very epicenter of the Keep Louisville Weird movement, to find that not one but two fine spirits establishments do not carry any local wines whatsoever. The first establishment I went to was Old Town Wine & Spirits, and after browsing through the store for about 15 minutes, I inquired as to where their local wine selection was. The lady at the cash register said they didn’t have one.

I then went to The Wine Market on Bardstown Road thinking surely they will carry some local wines, as they are dedicated to specializing in wine, only to find that they, too, don’t carry a single bottle of local wine whatsoever. I left with my money still in my pocket that could have been theirs. I love this city, and I love local business, and I would venture to say the Bardstown Road area of the Highlands is arguably the most dedicated place in Louisville to local business. They should support other local businesses as well. Shame on you, Old Town, and shame on you, Wine Market!
W.R. Perryman, Old Louisville

Flat Tax Fever

A snippet of conversation between a wealthy person and the rest of America:

Wealthy person: You keep telling me about how I’m not paying my fair share in taxes. Help me figure this out. Just to keep things simple, let’s just say we had a flat tax system, where we both pay the exact same tax rate. Now, I make 20 times as much money as you do, so I’m definitely wealthy, and under a flat tax, I would pay 20 times as much in taxes as you do.

Now here’s where I’m getting confused. Do I get special roads and highways, paid for by our taxes, that you’re not allowed to drive on that are nicer than your roads? No, I don’t. Do I get special money, the printing and distributing of which is paid for by our taxes, that you’re not allowed to use and is worth more than your money? No, I don’t. Do I get a special military that’s tougher and more capable than yours, that will only protect me, and not you? No, I don’t. When there’s a natural disaster, does FEMA come to me first and give me aid and comfort that they refuse to you? No, they don’t. I could go on, but I think you get my point.

So, we’re paying the exact same tax rate, and we’re getting the same things from the government. I’m not getting any more, you’re not getting any less, and yet I’m paying 20 times as much in taxes for the same things you’re getting. So, how exactly do you figure that I’m not paying my fair share? And that’s just with a flat tax. With a progressive tax system, I pay even more, and you pay even less!

And while we’re on the subject, did you know that Russia now has a flat tax system? So Russia has Steve Forbes’ tax system, and we have Karl Marx’s tax system. Now what the hell is up with that?

The rest of America: Who’s Karl Marx?
Tim Retallack, Buechel