Nuts for the Holidays

Scott Staidle

You know those cheesy horror movies from the ’80s that show up on cable when it’s late at night, you can’t sleep, and infomercials are screaming at you but there’s nothing else — not even a “Law & Order” rerun — to watch? You know the ones with an evil Santa? Well, imagine that on top of a “Grand Theft Auto” Christmas edition (Is there one? How could there not be?), and you’ve already got its soundtrack. You’re probably wondering, do I need another Christmas CD? Of course you don’t. There’re 30,000 of them already, mostly horrible. Is this horrible? No. But it sounds like something to ice skate to, and impressive as it is that Staidle performs 10 of the 12 instruments heard here, the end result is as underwhelming as Grandma’s fruitcake on Jan. 2.