Mirror, Mirror

Wax Fang

As the name suggests, Mirror, Mirror is a prog-rock-fueled indie-pop record focused on self-reflection. Opening with bare vocals and gently strummed guitar, song “Mirror, Mirror” calmly requests introspection, though whether that’s from the audience or the speaker is up to the listener. As a longtime fan of Pink Floyd and Peter Gabriel-era Genesis, I believe this ambiguity to be intentional — this record is meant to be personal to the singer but available to the world. Like all good prog-rock, the music is lushly orchestrated and carefully rendered, leaving equal space not only for the band but also for all of the fun production tricks that pop up throughout. From the soaring harmonies of the title track to the melancholy brood of “In Memory,” Mirror, Mirror is a circular look inward that is unafraid to explore beyond.