Until the Quiet Comes

Flying Lotus

Forest and the trees: That’s the best way to describe the greatness of Steven Ellison’s latest record. A roller coaster of pings, bells and basslines, it’s a sleek, middle-of-the-night cross-country excursion of cruise control, following the white line to no particular destination. Until the Quiet Comes is also a collection of compelling moments, two- to four-minute islands of emotion, from the sweeping “DMT Song” to the happy bounce of “Putty Boy Strut,” the wandering “See Thru To U” and the monster bass of “Sultan’s Request.” The shorter songs demand an extension; the album is compressed down to only essential notes and necessary, shallow breaths. As with career highlight Los Angeles, here’s hoping for a multitude of remixes and extended-play singles to emanate from this. Quiet is a title, not an instruction. Play this loud.