Face Anagrams


A quick scan of their Bandcamp page shows Mindhorn is incredibly prolific, having released two full-length recordings in the last two months. With just a cursory listen, though, it is made quickly apparent why: Mindhorn is less interested in a polished product, instead focusing on immediate and intimate recordings that emphasize the band’s strengths in equal proportion to their flaws. As such, Face Anagrams is presented warts and all, which isn’t a bad thing. Gone is any pretense of radio-play accessibility, in its place a showcase of a band that can likely improvise a better song than most can compose. Songs like “Instructional Operator” highlight a propensity for a locking groove, while the disjointed “Almanac Jail” is an exercise in improv. Mindhorn prove that with competent musicians, even the rawest material can bear out interesting results.