Florian Weber

Acoustic and electric pianist Florian Weber, with guitarist Lionel Loueke, bassist Thomas Morgan, and drumset/tabla player Dan Weiss, has crafted an album that is both adventurous and engaging. In addition to originals, Weber interprets Jamiroquai (“Cosmic”), Coldplay (“Clocks”) and Clapton (“Tears in Heaven”), weaving together African, Asian and post-bop jazz influences. Loueke’s signature guitar and vocals dominate the opening “Filaments.” On “Piecemeal,” guitar and keys carry on a conversation over a bed of skittering drums and bass, with a funky turn at the end that presages the group’s take on “Cosmic.” On the title track, piano explorations range over a percolating mix of tabla and guitar, with bass accents. Weber shows his more straight-ahead side on “Evolution” (a Lee Konitz co-write) and a solo turn on “Tears.” Throughout, tradition and experimentation complement each other well.