That Noise

Gentlemen Hounds

Derek Monyhan’s new band is more of a quarter-turn from his main gig with the Villebillies. The differences are more behind-the-scenes than some major stylistic shift coming out of your speakers. Monyhan has described the ’Billies’ process as a “meritocracy,” but here, he and partner Andy Crompton are the songwriters and decision makers. That Noise plays like a collection of the more melodic creations of his day band, and that’s not a bad thing. The Southern rock quotient may be turned up a couple degrees as well, though none of these songs would be out of place in a set with “Hey,” “Mr. Brown Bag” or “Talk To Me.” “Lady and the Hound” and “Ice Cold” are a lot of fun, while “My Bride” and “Jonestown Massacre” offer a more reflective tone.