Readers’ Choice 2012

And the award goes to ...

The votes are in, the people have spoken. And for the most part, you — the readers — did a bang-up job choosing the city’s best, from dining and nightlife to arts, entertainment, shopping, services, media and more.

But just like The Academy inexplicably saw fit to award “Titanic” the Oscar for Best Picture, there are a few Readers’ Choice winners that left us baffled. (Though we suppose everyone needs a little DiCaprio every now and again.) That being said, we were happy to sift through all 30,000 of your votes and especially appreciated some of the utterly absurd responses, like … Best Place to Take Your Dog: The “Price is Right” to get that bitch spayed; Best Adult/Erotic Store: Metro Council chambers; Best Meteorologist: The guy who looks like Count Dracula; Best House of Worship: House of Pancakes. And to the voter who listed U of L basketball player Gorgui Dieng in well over half the categories, thanks for that — we love Gorgui, too!

Speaking of things we love, the LEO staff couldn’t resist providing a slightly more eccentric list of Writer’s Picks, including Best Stop for Boiled Peanuts, Best Place to Hear a Joe Pesci Impersonation, and Best Place to Clean Your Plate and Your Ass.

And with that, the award goes to …

Sarah Kelley, Editor

Arts And Entertainment

Best Art Fair

1. St. James Court Art Show

2. The Unfair

3. Cherokee Triangle Art Fair


Best Art Gallery?

1. 21c Museum Hotel

2. Galerie Hertz

3. B. Deemer Gallery


Best Bowling Alley?

1. Ten Pin Lanes

2. Vernon Lanes

3. Kingpin Lanes


Best Charitable Event?

1. St. Joseph Orphans’ Picnic

2. Actors Theatre Lobster Feast

3. WHAS Crusade for Children


Best Church Picnic?

1. St. Joseph Orphans’ Picnic

2. St. Agnes Carnival

3. Our Lady of Mount Carmel


Best Cover Band?

1. The Louisville Crashers

2. The Merry Pranksters

3. Thumper and the Plaid Rabbits


Best Film Festival?

1. Flyover Film Fest

2. LGBT Film Fest

3. Louisville International Festival of Film


Best Live Music Venue?

1. Louisville Palace

2. Iroquois Amphitheater

3. KFC Yum! Center


Best Live Theater?

1. Actors Theatre

2. Alley Theater

3. The Bard’s Town


Best Local Author

1. Sena Jeter Naslund

2. Barry Bernson

3. Heather Adkins


Best Local Comedian?

1. Patrick Passafiume

2. Todd Merriman

3. Tom Mabe


Best Movie Theater?

1. Baxter Avenue Theatres

2. Cinemark Tinseltown

3. Rave Motion Pictures Stonybrook


Best Museum?

1. Speed Art Museum

2. Frazier History Museum

3. Louisville Science Center


Best Music Festival?

1. Forecastle

2. Abbey Road on the River

3. Louisville Blues and Barbecue Festival


Best Performing Arts Group?

1. Actors Theatre

2. Theatre 502

3. Louisville Ballet


Best Public Mural?

1. “Weird, Independent & Proud” at Wine Market

2. Hunter S. Thompson at Monkey Wrench

3. Artist and Craftsman on East Kentucky


Best Public Sculpture?

1. David at 21c

2. Abraham Lincoln at Waterfront Park

3. Barney Bright Clock at Theater Square


Best Theater Production?

1. “Dracula” at Actors Theatre

2. “Broadsword” by Theatre 502

3. “Bourbon Baroque” by Squallis Puppeteers


Best Theater Troupe?

1. Theatre 502

2. The Alley Theater

3. Le Petomane


Best Visual Artist

1. Jeaneen Barnhart

2. Daniel Pfalzgraf

3. Justin Kamerer/Angry Blue


Best Annual Festival

1. Kentucky Derby Festival

2. St. James Court Art Show

3. St. Joseph Orphans’ Picnic


Best Local Hip-Hop Artist

1. The Villebillies

2. Todd Proc Proctor

3. Jalin Roze


Best Local Original Band

1. My Morning Jacket

2. Houndmouth

3. The Villebillies


Best Local Solo Artist

1. Ben Sollee

2. Butch Rice

3. Brigid Kaelin


Best Park

1. E.P. Tom Sawyer

2. Waterfront Park

3. Iroquois Park


Goods And Services

Best Adult/Erotic Store?

1. Cirilla’s

2. Adam and Eve

3. The Love Boutique


Best Antique Store?

1. Goss Avenue Antiques and Interiors

2. Joe Ley Antiques

3. Crazy Daisy


Best Attorney?

1. David Lambertus

2. Stacy Hoehle

3. Rachelle Howell


Best Auto Dealer?

1. Sam Swope Auto Group

2. Bachman Auto Group

3. Neil Huffman Automotive Group


Best Barbershop

1. Loop Barber Shop

2. Market Street Barbers

3. The Place to Go Hair Styling


Best Bicycle Shop?

1. Bike Couriers Bike Shop

2. On Your Left Cycles

3. Scheller’s Fitness and Cycling


Best Clothing Boutique?

1. Acorn Apparel

2. Blink Boutique

3. Clodhoppers


Best Comic Book Shop?

1. Great Escape

2. Book and Music Exchange

3. Role of the Die


Best Consignment Store?

1. Margaret’s Consignment and Collectibles

2. Sassy Fox

3. Judy’s Finest Consignments


Best Contractor?

1. Landmark Construction

2. Ellery Esposito Construction

3. Brasch-Barry General Contractors


Best Child Care

1. St. Joseph Child Development Center

2. Bright Horizons

3. Highland Community Ministries


Best Dentist?

1. Mortenson Family Dental

2. Dr. Charles Barrett

3. Dr. Robert Fuchs


Best Dry Cleaner?

1. Holiday Cleaners, Laundry and Alterations

2. Nu Yale

3. Highland Cleaners


Best Local Farmer

1. Foxhollow Farm

2. David Bennett

3. Ivor Chodkowski


Best Farmers Market?

1. Bardstown Road/Deer Park

2. St. Matthews

3. Douglas Loop


Best Florist?

1. Nanz and Kraft

2. Schulz’s Florist

3. Colonial Design


Best Golf Course?

1. Valhalla Golf Club

2. Audobon Country Club

3. Cherokee Golf Course


Best Gym?


2. Baptist East Milestone Fitness

3. Urban Active


Best Hair Salon?

1. Z Salon and Spa

2. Schaper’s Salon

3. Blades


Best Hospital?

1. Baptist East

2. Kosair Children’s

3. University of Louisville


Best House of Worship?

1. Unity Church of Louisville

2. Sojourn Community Church

3. St. Francis of Assisi


Best Instrument Shop?

1. Doo Wop Shop

2. J and J Music

3. Mom’s Music


Best Insurance Company

1. State Farm

2. Allstate

3. Kentucky Farm Bureau


Best Jewelry Store?

1. Shane Co.

2. Dallas Jewelers

3. Seng Jewelers


Best Liquor Store?

1. Old Town Wine and Spirits

2. Party Mart (Prospect)

3. Schreck’s Baxter Liquors


Best Local Bank?

1. Republic Bank

2. L&N Federal Credit Union

3. Stock Yards Bank


Best Local Bookstore?

1. Carmichael’s

2. A Reader’s Corner

3. Destinations


Best Grocery

1. ValuMarket

2. Paul’s Fruit Market

3. Rainbow Blossom


Best Hobby Shop

1. Artist and Craftsmen Supply

2. Preston Arts Center

3. Something 2 Do


Best Local Pet Grooming?

1. Connie’s Groom Room

2. Hai Max Pet Salon

3. Almost Home Boarding and Training


Best Local Record Store?

1. Astro Black Records

2. Underground Sounds

3. Book and Music Exchange


Best Local Shoe Store?

1. Swags Sport Shoes

2. Fleet Feet

3. Pix Shoes of Louisville


Best Luxury Hotel?

1. Seelbach Hotel

2. 21c Museum Hotel

3. Brown Hotel


Best Massage?

1. Anne Hagman Hendrix (Louisville Athletic Club, Westport Road)

2. Z Salon and Spa

3. Serenity Spa


Best Mechanic?

1. St. Matthews Imports

2. McCormick Motor Sports

3. Heustis Service Center


Best Pediatrician?

1. East Louisville Pediatrics

2. Children’s Health Pediatrics

3. Dr. James Hinkebein


Best Place to have an Event/Party?

1. 21c

2. The Olmstead

3. Mellwood Arts and Entertainment Center


Best Place to Adopt a Pet?

1. Humane Society

2. Louisville Metro Animal Services

3. Shamrock Pet Foundation


Best Place to Buy a Unique Gift?

1. WHY Louisville

2. Lexi’s Trading Post

3. The Dandy Lion


Best Place to Buy Vinyl?

1. Astro Black Records

2. Underground Sounds

3. The Flea Off Market


Best Place to Take Kids in the Summer

1. Louisville Zoo

2. Slugger Field

3. Waterfront Park


Best Place to Take Kids When It’s Raining?

1. Louisville Science Center

2. Louisville Free Public Library

3. Movies


Best Plastic Surgeon?

1. Dr. Alexander Digenis

2. Dr. M. Bradley Calobrace

3. Dr. T. Gerald O’Daniel


Best Playground?

1. Parklands Creekside Playground and Sprayground

2. Waterfront Park

3. Willow Park


Best Plumber?

1. B.C. Plumbing

2. Ed’s Plumbing

3. Maeser Plumbing


Best Primary Care Doctor

1. Dr. Stephen Roszell/Dr. Rachel Busse (Norton Highlands Family Medicine)

2. Deer Park Family Doctors

3. Dr. Jeffrey Reynolds


Best Public Restroom?

1. 21c/Proof on Main

2. Von Maur

3. Nach Bar


Best Real Estate Company?

1. Re/Max

2. Semonin Realtors

3. Keller Williams Realty


Best Roofer?

1. Jason Stanford/Allied Roofing

2. Ray Nolan Roofing Co.

3. Abrams Roofing and Sheetmetal


Best Screen Printer?

1. Madpixel Art and Design

2. WHY Louisville Press

3. Monkey Drive Screenprinting


Best Spa?

1. Z Salon and Spa

2. Joseph’s Salon and Spa

3. Serenity Spa


Best Sporting Goods Store

1. Dick’s Sporting Goods

2. Quest Outdoors

3. Shively Sporting Goods


Best Tattoo Parlor?

1. Tattoo Charlie’s

2. Five Star Tattoo

3. Imperial Tattoos


Best Tobacco Store?

1. J. Shepherd Cigars

2. Cox’s Smoker’s Outlet

3. Kremer’s Smoke Shoppe


Best Veterinarian?

1. East Louisville Animal Hospital

2. Fairleigh Pet Center

3. Chenoweth Animal Hospital


Best Video Store?

1. Wild and Woolly

2. Book and Music Exchange

3. Family Video


Best Vintage Clothing Store?

1. The Nitty Gritty

2. The Pink Door

3. Hey Tiger


Best Yoga Class

1. Heat Yoga and Wellness

2. Baptist East Milestone Fitness

3. Shine



Best All-You-Can-Eat Deal?

1. Hometown Pizza

2. Wick’s Pizza on Wednesdays (select stores)

3. Shalimar


Best Bakery?

1. Plehn’s Bakery

2. Heitzman Bakery

3. Nord’s Bakery


Best BBQ?

1. Frankfort Avenue Beer Depot

2. Mark’s Feed Store

3. Jucy’s Smokehouse BBQ


Best Beer List?

1. Sergio’s World of Beers

2. Tony Boombozz

3. New Albanian/Rich O’s


Best Breakfast/Brunch?

1. Lynn’s Paradise Café

2. North End Café

3. The Village Anchor


Best Burger?

1. Homerun Burger

2. WW Cousins

3. Check’s Café


Best Cajun/Creole Restaurant?

1. J. Gumbo’s

2. Joe’s OK Bayou

3. Selena’s Willow Lake Tavern


Best Chef?

1. Edward Lee at 610 Magnolia

2. Geoffrey Heyde at The Village Anchor

3. John Varanese at Varanese


Best Chinese Restaurant?

1. Oriental House

2. Café Mimosa

3. Double Dragon


Best Coffee Shop?

1. Heine Brothers

2. Quills Coffee

3. Sunergos


Best Deli?

1. Stevens and Stevens

2. Lotsa Pasta

3. Frank’s Meat and Produce


Best Delivery?

1. Wick’s Pizza

2. Danny Mac’s Pizza

3. Papalinos


Best Dessert?

1. Ghyslain

2. Homemade Ice Cream and Pie Kitchen

3. The Village Anchor


Best Fine Dining?

1. Corbett’s

2. Jack Fry’s

3. Ruth’s Chris


Best Fish Sandwich?

1. Moby Dick

2. Mike Linnig’s

3. Pass Time Fish House


Best Food Truck

1. Bar B Lou

2. Lil’ Cheezers

3. Grind


Best French Fries?

1. Home Run Burgers

2. The Village Anchor

3. Hammerheads


Best Happy Hour?

1. 60 West

2. Dragon King’s Daughter

3. Napa River Grill


Best Hot Brown

1. The Brown Hotel

2. Lynn’s Paradise Café

3. The Village Anchor


Best Hot Dog

1. Lonnie’s Taste of Chicago

2. Louisville Slugger Field

3. Dairy Kastle


Best Ice Cream / Frozen Yogurt?

1. Graeter’s

2. Comfy Cow

3. Homemade Ice Cream and Pie Kitchen


Best Indian Restaurant?

1. Dakshin

2. Kashmir

3. Shalimar


Best Italian Restaurant?

1. Le Gallo Rosso

2. Come Back Inn

3. DiFabio’s Casapela


Best Japanese Restaurant?

1. Oishii Sushi

2. Hiko-A-Mon

3. Sapporo


Best Late-Night Bite?

1. Spinelli’s

2. Ramsi’s Café on the World

3. Dragon King’s Daughter


Best Latin Restaurant

1. Havana Rumba

2. Mojito

3. Seviche


Best Mexican Restaurant?

1. El Nopal

2. El Torasco

3. Guaca Mole


Best Middle Eastern Restaurant?

1. Safier

2. Shiraz

3. Zaytun Mediterranean Grill


Best New Restaurant?

1. Guaca Mole

2. La Coop

3. St. Charles Exchange


Best Outdoor Dining?

1. The Village Anchor

2. O’Shea’s

3. Captain’s Quarters


Best Pizza?

1. Wick’s

2. Impellizzeri’s

3. Papalinos


Best Place for a Cheap Date?

1. Check’s Café

2. Puccini’s

3. White Castle


Best Place for a Romantic Dinner?

1. Seviche

2. The Village Anchor

3. Pat’s Steak House


Best Pub Grub?

1. O’Shea’s

2. Flanagan’s

3. The Holy Grale


Best Quick Lunch?

1. Safier Mediterranean Deli

2. Bunz Burgerz

3. Baby D’s Bagel and Deli


Best Restaurant (Louisville)?

1. The Village Anchor

2. Ramsi’s Café on the World

3. Corbett’s — An American Place


Best Restaurant (Southern Indiana)?

1. New Albanian Bank Street Brewhouse

2. Sam’s Food and Spirits

3. Buckhead Mountain Grill


Best Restaurant on the River?

1. Captain’s Quarters

2. Cunningham’s Creekside

3. Rocky’s


Best Ribs?

1. Frankfort Avenue Beer Depot

2. Bootleg BBQ

3. Doc Crow’s


Best Seafood Restaurant?

1. Mike Linnig’s

2. Z’s Oyster Bar

3. The Fish House


Best Steakhouse?

1. Ruth’s Chris

2. Pat’s Steak House

3. Eddie Merlot’s


Best Sushi?

1. Oishii Sushi

2. Sapporo Japanese Grill

3. Sake Blue


Best Takeout?

1. Café Mimosa

2. Yangkee Noodle

3. Double Dragon


Best Thai Restaurant?

1. Simply Thai

2. Mai’s Thai

3. Thai Smile


Best Vegetarian Food?

1. Roots/Heart and Soy

2. Zen Garden

3. Ramsi’s Café on the World


Best Vietnamese Restaurant?

1. Vietnam Kitchen

2. Nam Nam Café

3. Annie Café


Best Waitstaff?

1. Corbett’s — An American Place

2. Café Lou Lou

3. Bluegrass Brewing Co.


Best Wine List?

1. Brix Wine Bar

2. The Village Anchor

3. River Bend Winery


Best Wings

1. Buffalo Wild Wings

2. Against the Grain

3. The Back Door



Best Bar Bathroom?

1. 21c

2. Phoenix Hill Tavern

3. Flanagan’s Ale House


Best Bar to People Watch?

1. Jim Porter’s

2. O’Shea’s

3. Check’s Café


Best Bartender?

1. Bethany at Bistro 301

2. Joe at Against the Grain

3. Brandon at Nach Bar


Best Bloody Mary?

1. Outlook Inn

2. Bank Street Brewhouse

3. Against the Grain


Best Bourbon List

1. Bourbon’s Bistro

2. Maker’s Mark Lounge

3. Seelbach Bar


Best Club DJ?

1. DJ B-Rite

2. DJ Glitter Titz

3. DJ Syimone


Best Comedy Club?

1. The Improv

2. Comedy Caravan

3. Groucho’s Bar and Karaoke


Best Country/Western Bar?

1. The Silver Dollar

2. PBR Louisville

3. Jim Porter’s


Best Dive Bar?

1. Nach Bar

2. Highlands Tap Room

3. The Back Door


Best Gay Bar?

1. The Connection

2. Purrswaytions

3. Big Bar


Best Gentlemen’s Club?

1. P.T.’s

2. Rustic Frog

3. The Godfather


Best Karaoke Bar?

1. Akiko’s

2. Highlands Tap Room

3. Groucho’s Bar and Karaoke


Best Local Beer

1. Bluegrass Brewing Co.

2. Cumberland Brews

3. New Albanian Brewing Co.


Best Margarita?

1. Havana Rumba

2. Ramiro’s Cantina

3. Mojito


Best Martini?

1. 60 West

2. Martini’s

3. August Moon


Best Mixed Drink?

1. St. Charles Exchange

2. Seviche

3. Havana Rumba


Best Neighborhood Bar/Pub?

1. O’Shea’s Irish Pub

2. Check’s Cafe

3. Shenanigan’s


Best New Bar/Club?

1. Baxter’s 942

2. Big Bar

3. The Silver Dollar


Best Original Cocktail?

1. Bacon Dirty Harry at The Blind Pig

2. FVK Swizzle at St. Charles Exchange

3. Al Green’s Cadillac at Against the Grain


Best Place to Dance?

1. Zanzabar

2. The Connection

3. Magnolia Bar and Grill


Best Place to Hear Jazz?

1. Seelbach Bar

2. Nach Bar

3. Varanese


Best Place to Shoot Pool?

1. Diamond Pub and Billiards

2. Bank Shot Billiards

3. Dark Star Tavern


Best Singles Bar?

1. O’Shea’s

2. Jim Porter’s

3. Phoenix Hill Tavern


Best Smoking Area?

1. Phoenix Hill Tavern

2. Barret Bar

3. Zanzabar


Best Sports Bar?

1. Spectator’s Sports Bar

2. Buffalo Wild Wings

3. Bluegrass Brewing Co.


Best Trivia Night?

1. Magnolia Bar and Grill

2. Wick’s Pizza

3. Buffalo Wild Wings


Best U of L Bar?

1. The Granville Inn

2. Bluegrass Brewing Co.

3. Zanzabar


Best UK Bar?

1. Kern’s Corner

2. Brownie’s The Shed

3. Gerstle’s Place


Best Wine Bar

1. Napa River Grill

2. 60 West

3. River Bend Winery



Best Local Arts Writer?

1. Jo Anne Triplett

2. Peter Berkowitz

3. Erin Keane


Best Local Blog?

1. The Card Chronicle

2. WDRB Weather Blog

3. Watchdog Earth


Best Local Columnist?

1. Sara Havens

2. Rick Bozich

3. Joe Gerth


Best Local Feature Writer?

1. Anne Marshall

2. Michael Jones

3. Mike Rutherford


Best Local Media Celebrity You Love to Hate?

1. Terry Meiners

2. Lachlan McLean

3. Angie Fenton


Best Local Music Writer?

1. Jeffrey Lee Puckett

2. Sean Bailey

3. Peter Berkowitz


Best Local News Writer?

1. Dan Klepal

2. Anne Marshall

3. Phillip M. Bailey


Best Local Publication?

1. LEO Weekly

2. The Courier-Journal

3. NFocus


Best Local Radio Personality?

1. Rocky and Troy (WLUE)

2. Kelly K (WDJX)

3. Terry Meiners (84 WHAS)


Best Local Radio Station?

1. 91.9 WFPK

2. 89.3 WFPL

3. 104.3 WLUE


Best Local TV Meteorologist?

1. Marc Weinberg

2. Jude Redfield

3. Brian Goode


Best Local TV News Anchor?

1. Vicki Dortch

2. Candyce Clifft

3. Dawne Gee


Best Local TV Station?

1. WAVE 3

2. WLKY 32

3. WDRB 41


Best Local Website?





Best Place to Pick Up LEO Weekly?

1. Heine Brothers

2. ValuMarket

3. Library


Best Reason to Read LEO Weekly?

1. Local news coverage

2. Staffpicks

3. The Bar Belle


Best Scandal of the Year?

1. Ousted Councilwoman Judy Green

2. Ex-Agriculture Commissioner Richie Farmer

3. Kentucky State Fair Board


Best TV Disaster Graphics?

1. WAVE 3

2. WHAS 11

3. WDRB 41


Best TV Morning Show

1. WDRB “Fox in the Morning”

2. WAVE 3 “Sunrise”

3. WHAS “Good Morning Kentuckiana”


Other Stuff

Best Attorney Gimmick?

1. The Heavy Hitter

2. Son in Jail? Call Waddell

3. 1-800-ASK-GARY


Best Business to Have as a Facebook Friend?

1. Heine Brothers

2. Joe Davola’s

3. Mama’s Hip


Best Category We Forgot?

1. Best Caterer

2. Best Hardware Store

3. Best Local Actor


Best Community Role Model?

1. Beth Hafling — Save Hogan’s Fountain Pavilion

2. Sean Bailey — Louisville MUSICulture

3. Dan McMahon — Owner of Danny Mac’s Pizza in Germantown-Schnitzelburg


Best Excuse to Leave Town for a Day?

1. Heat and humidity

2. Derby

3. Pollution


Best Local Celebrity?

1. Muhammad Ali

2. Jim James

3. Candyce Clifft


Best Local Landmark?

1. Louisville Slugger Bat

2. Hogan’s Fountain Pavilion

3. Conrad Caldwell House


Best Local Politician?

1. U.S. Rep. John Yarmuth

2. Mayor Greg Fischer

3. Councilman Tom Owen


Best Month to be in Town?

1. April

2. October

3. May


Best Neighborhood?

1. Highlands

2. Germantown

3. St. Matthews


Best Nonprofit?

1. Fairness Campaign

2. Bellewood Home for Children

3. Ferdinand’s Ball/Old Friends Equine


Best Person to Have Their Face on a Building?

1. U of L basketball player Gorgui Dieng

2. Muhammad Ali

3. Hunter S. Thompson


Best Place to Make a Public Spectacle of Yourself?

1. Churchill Downs/Kentucky Derby

2. Highlands/Bardstown Road

3. Fourth Street Live


Best Place to Ride Your Bike?

1. Cherokee Park

2. The Louisville Loop

3. Not on the road


Best Place to See Christmas Decor?

1. Bright Lights of Brooklawn

2. Old Louisville Holiday Home Tour

3. Mega Cavern’s Lights Under Louisville


Best Place to Take Your Dog?

1. Cherokee Park/Cochran Hill Dog Run

2. E.P. Tom Sawyer Dog Park

3. Barkstown Road


Best Place You Wish Had Never Gone Out of Business?

1. ear X-tacy

2. L&N Wine Bistro

3. Azalea’s


Best Politician You Love to Hate?

1. Sen. Mitch McConnell

2. President Barack Obama

3. Sen. Rand Paul


Best Question for John Yarmuth?

1. When are you going to run for Senate?

2. Have I told you lately that I love you?

3. Did you really read the entire Affordable Care Act?


Best Question for Mitch McConnell?

1. When are you going to retire?

2. How can we get rid of Obamacare?

3. Why are you a sad turtle?


Best Reason to Get in the Ohio River?

1. Boat on fire

2. Being chased by bees/police/zombies

3. Ironman Triathalon


Best Thing That’s Changed Here In The Last Year?

1. Downtown/East Market Street revitalization

2. Mayor Greg Fischer

3. More food trucks


Best Thing To Do With Your Used LEO Weekly?

1. Recycle it

2. Arts and crafts

3. Wrap presents


Best UK Basketball Player

1. Anthony Davis

2. DeMarcus Cousins

3. John Wall


Best U of L Basketball Player

1. Peyton Siva

2. Gorgui Dieng

3. Kyle Kuric