Fragrant World


Yeasayer isn’t just about the music. This is a band that’s all about concepts, image and finding the art in everything from music videos to onstage light shows. Songwriter Anand Wilder has wild aspirations, counting Michael Jackson and David Bowie among his artistic influences. To mix things up for fans, Yeasayer created a digital scavenger hunt for Fragrant World, scattering music videos for every song online in a grown-up version of hide-and-seek. All those songs are even weirder and better than those on the band’s previous two albums. Sticking this time with a multitude of glitchy synths and exotic dance beats, Yeasayer is continuing the path of 2010’s Odd Blood. This time, though, the songs feel sharper, more to the point. As a whole, it’s the band’s most consistent effort, a triumphant pop record with artistic flourishes that grab your ears and don’t let go.