Dig, if you will, a picture. Because not only is that all an all-instrumental band can provide, but that’s precisely the intent of such soundscape specialists like Interstates. 3=4 is a conceptual work, it seems: the first three pieces are set in autumn; four and five in winter; spring lasts from six through eight; and, finally, we spend the last seven minutes in summertime (always feels longer, though, doesn’t it?). Bandleader/drummer/railroad conductor Alex O’Nan (ex-Of Asaph, The Shining Path) knows his percussive sounds well, as anyone with such a percussive day job should, and the guitars/bass/drums band is augmented here with delicate keyboards, twinkling bells and helpful horns. As these bands go, Interstates has evolved into a welcome successor to The Photographic’s cinematic, climactic shoes, and 3=4 is one to seek out.