Life Between Clocks

James Business

I love Bandcamp. The worldwide art bazaar, both user- and artist-friendly, is as revolutionary as iTunes, even if it hasn’t had as seismic an impact on the industry. The downside, which keeps Bandcamp from having the impact it should, is that you have to sift through a lot of amateur seascapes and happy trees to find the jewels. James Business is a new beat-maker from Louisville; Life Between Clocks is his debut. Business clearly has talent, as tracks like “The Natural Man,” “Cuba (Her Fantasy Interlude)” and “Fantasy (Johnny Hammond Remix)” show, but the rest plays like a good drawing on the back of a restaurant placemat. It may be well done, but no one is going to hang it on the wall until it’s shown on canvas. Clocks is a good demo, though not quite ready for prime time.