channel ORANGE

Frank Ocean

channel ORANGE is the retail debut of singer-songwriter Frank Ocean (he of Odd Future affiliation, Watch the Throne hooks and Beyonce credits) and one of the most exciting debuts in soul music in years. That much R&B music being made today is not geared for adults who actually have had relationships (good, bad, joyous and indifferent), ORANGE is an incredible shift in the right direction. “Sweet Life” is Donell Jones at his Stevie-est best, “Pyramids” a twofer that has as much familiar as it has game-changing shifts, subtle entendre and sexy storytelling. Guest shots from Andre 3000 and fellow Odd Future-ite Earl Sweatshirt lightly season without taking focus away from the record’s star. Lay off the gossip and the VH-1 soaps for a while, and listen to one of the debuts of the year. Outstanding.