Common Collective

Not everyone is a singer — no matter how driven they are, how much confidence they have, or how many press photos they can take with vintage microphones. Sure, the rock world is littered with atypical voices that have endeared and riveted us. This ain’t that. T.r.u.t.h. is the result of two years of gestation and, while it has some merit musically, the vocals are distractingly froggy and overwrought. “Gotta Be (A Man First)” could be a showstopper in other hands, a great blues riff with a razor-sharp guitar solo. Its follow-up, “1 by 1,” features a painfully simplistic rap straight out of 1988 that brings a flush to my face with every listen. Did no one listen to this objectively before deeming it ready for release? A little t.r.u.t.h.fulness would have gone a long way.