Rotten Thing to Say

Burning Love

Burning Songs for Lovers was an energetic but ultimately one-dimensional debut to Burning Love’s distorted brand of bluesy punk ’n’ roll. Even the thick snarl of Chris Colohan of Cursed couldn’t save an album full of too-similar songs. This time around they’re pissed off and rabid, firmly anchored in an angry hardcore shell previously absent. It makes for a good mix of piss and vinegar that creates vitriolic thrills in “Made Out of Apes,” a raw and catchy song to replay. The abrasive tone continues on “No Love” and storms past in a d-beat blaze of gutter shred. Relentless until the end, this is the antithesis of a sophomore slump. Rotten Thing to Say is the result of a band growing confident in their approach of aural destructive joy.