Before the Wheels Freeze

Several Hundred People

Hardcore heaven Louisville has gotten poppier lately, with intricate yet light-hearted sounds coming from the Deloreans, Murals, and Several Hundred People. The latter’s second album, Before the Wheels Freeze, comes as a watermelon-fresh summer treat, filled with wit, surprises and hooks for days. Fans of somewhat disparate (yet public radio-friendly) bands — Destroyer, the Pixies, the Shins, and Dire Straits all pop up — will all find something to like here; it’s smart yet easy and kinda weird (was that a melodica or a harmonica?), and sounds like it could have come from anywhere, U.S.A. (even with a song in Spanish, “¿Tienes Servicio?”). Now if only they could make a catchy video on a treadmill … The band celebrates their impending wave of new fans with a record release show Friday at ZaZoo’s, only $5.