Celebration Rock


“Young Hearts Spark Fire,” the burning anthem that won David Prowse and Brian King the hearts of thousands of young punks on Japandroids’ debut album, Post-Nothing, has been reincarnated. The relentless drum fills, scorching guitars and shout-along choruses fill “The House That Heaven Built” with a boundless passion that offers listeners just one more reason to feel alive. The guys behind Japandroids aren’t subtle — they literally begin and end the album with the sound of fireworks. And the music in between is the kind that makes the heart pound with the same excitement you feel when you’re a kid running through the yard with a sparkler. Reckless abandon fills all eight songs on Celebration Rock, Japandroids’ second full-length excuse to melt the world under the power of their amplifiers. Hold on to your seat, they’re on fire.