Inbox — May 23, 2012

Letters to the Editor

Got God
Bill Maher is a proud atheist (LEO Weekly, May 16). I got that. It’s a free country. As for me, I want to keep my imagination in play. Physicist and author Brian Greene put it like this. “The universe is incredibly wondrous, incredibly beautiful, and it fills me with a sense that there is some underlying explanation that we have yet to understand. If someone wants to place the word God on those collections of words, it’s OK with me.”

That’s plenty good enough. I’ll work with it.
Tom Louderback, Highlands

Look At Both Sides
I am a conservative, and yet as I read the letters and columns in this paper, I find it very disturbing to think that the conservative justices on the Supreme Court voted in such lockstep. Looking at the 2010 and 2011 term, I see that in all votes, they were of like mind an average of 88.3 percent of the time.

Of course, when I looked at the liberal justices, I see that they voted in lockstep 88.2 percent of the time. Hmm, seems just as disturbing to me.

Further, when I looked at the 11 cases in that term The Washington Post labeled as “key,” in 10 of 11 cases the liberal justices voted as a single block, while the conservative justices did so in only six of the 11.

Bottom line, it seems the liberal four are even more “lemming like” than the conservatives. How come I never hear about that being a problem? Is the liberal lockstep not as disturbing to you liberals as the conservative lockstep is to me?

Hint: If your answer is not “Yes that is very disturbing,” then I bet you are among those who just don’t understand why in prime time, Fox News continues to out-rate CNN and MSNBC combined, and why the majority of Americans have come to dismiss the opinions offered in newspapers like this and the C-J as out of touch with the mainstream.

Think about it — are you really open-minded to both sides of issues? This conservative certainly is, and I looked at facts to help me understand both sides
Bob Hogan, New Albany

Romney’s Waterloo
Are people getting wise to Mitt Romney’s lies?

Does Romney forget we live in an instant-replay era that bungles his say-anything strategy? Recently, Romney in-flight knew nothing about that morning’s New York Times’ story revealing Romney-campaign plans to trash Obama with the Rev. Wright. A pesky press person on the airplane supplied Romney with the newspaper, so he was forced to read the story and respond. Romney had nowhere to hide from reporters with cameras and questions.

Back on earth, pious-pretending Romney demanded that candidate Obama stop his character assassination of Mitt Romney. Meanwhile, the media replayed Romney’s FOX comments of Feb. 7 featuring Romney using the Rev. Wright to smear Obama. With the public aware of the incriminating FOX comments, egg-on-face Romney dug a deeper hole and proclaimed he “stands by” his earlier words!

Columnist Gail Collins wrote that Romney was “lying through his teeth” when he claimed he could not remember his high school bullying. Now, Romney was lying again — and this time the incriminating replay caught him in the lie.

Romney needs help with telling lies. His fake laugh is bad enough, but his nervous dancing eyes are a sure giveaway when he lies. With careful coaching, Romney might learn facial-expression control, but those incriminating replays are a far greater danger. One option might be for Romney to stop lying — but chronic liars do not typically get their act together. Romney must endure those terrible gotcha moments — and hope nobody notices!

Will instant replays become Romney’s Waterloo?
Michael Gregoire, St. Matthews